Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Practices can benefit from Text Messaging

People consider SMS's (Text Messaging) as the most convenient form of keeping in touch with the people around them. It is no surprise then that Text Messaging has been found to be the most liked feature on mobile phones. An affordable option for keeping in touch, Text Messaging can help healthcare immensely.

Some simple ways by which Text Messaging helps practices provide better patient care:

- Reminding Patients regarding Appointments and Lab Tests.
- Infant immunization alerts for parents
- Blood donor information and alerts
- Medication Alerts for Patients
- Diet and Exercise Alerts to ensure adherence for Patients
- Health Insurance claims update
- Messages to wish discharged patients
- Instant provision of information 24/7 via a 2 way SMS service

By using Text Messaging effectively, practices can also improve internal productivity and tighten their internal workflows. Ways in which Text Messaging helps Practice Productivity:

- Daily provision of Stock related information and special alerts on insufficient stock of items allows store managers and pharmacies to keep on top of their inventory
- Alert Messages to inform Technicians of maintenance Schedules
- Regular Shift wise schedules to staff
- Daily Message with Summary of financials to management staff
- Instant message to duty staff in case of emergencies
- Message to confirm appointment with a doctor / dentist
- End of day consultation summary


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Text Messaging is the most liked feature on mobile phones. An affordable option for keeping in touch, Text Messaging can help healthcare immensely.

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