Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EMR’s for Simplified Patient Record Management

Effective management of patient records and other related documents is a critical factor in many clinical practices. Like the patients themselves, documents can come from a variety of sources. Some are for administrative and financial management, some are patient charts, and some are diagnostic while some are external reports provided by professionals at hospitals and labs. 

Maintaining the Patients Medical records is an area of key concern for any Medical professional and is also one of the reasons for an EMR being deployed. EMR’s have the ability to improve the productivity of a practice simply by effectively automating the practice workflows related to Medical Records.

Using EMR’s will help Practices by providing quick access to the records, easy searching of records, tracking symptoms and responses over time and even simplify the process the delivering the record and associated information to patients and external doctors. 

There are numerous benefits provided by EMR’s purely in terms of patient record management which lead to direct financial savings for the practice. 

  • It will cut down the time taken for average patient visit and therefore help to increase the number of patients served daily. The reduction of time is because of ease of locating previous records, setting appointments, auditing the information and co-ordination rather than because of paper entry being replaced by a computer which actually may increase the time marginally.
  • Also it may help in cutting the cost associated with photocopy, faxing, courier or any other related work. Integrated EMR’s can avail of secure emails to patients as well as the ability to provide the information to patients on encrypted Flash Drives/Memory Cards
  • Reduce Real Estate requirements for a practice due to reduction in physical storage requirements for patient health information.
  • Significant decrease in record administration time and expenses.
  • Since the digital availability of patient data provides the possibility of tracking symptoms and study responses to treatment over time easily, doctors can carry out more analysis and research than they could otherwise leading to more and better publications.


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