Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why use Technical Doctor Inc IT Support!

1. We are IT savvy and well rounded in the healthcare space
2. We talk to our customers in terms they understand
3. We are effective with multitasking
4. We turn complex scenarios into simple and secure solutions 
5. Our company is a team not an individual
6. We are well versed in all EHRs
7. We have state-of the art IT support tools to manage your infrastructure
8. Over $100,000 spent on internal infrastrucure

The health of Technical Doctor was created by our love for healthcare and Physicians Practices. We understand the economy, patient care, cost of service and especially IT necessities within a practice. We’d like to heal and assist and soften the paradigm shift into healthcare technology with exceptional support with a cost savings perspective.

“We don’t need an IT department! We have our doctor, the office manager’s son, a staff member’s boyfriend, a buddy of mine… “ Remember this is your business and a secure home for your patient records.

You wouldn’t have your mechanic work on your taxes or leave your wallet on top of your mailbox, would you?

With Technical Doctor; IT issues are resolved within minutes or worked on while the staff member continues their regular office duties. We have trained professionals to execute and resolve matters at the time they occur instead of waiting.
That’s a savings in itself!

What are the Physician Office’s technology needs?
Physician offices spend a minimum of 5 to 8 hours a month regarding IT needs. These IT needs range from resolving “how to” questions and troubleshooting slowness.
Networks (LAN / WAN)
Printers / Scanners
Wireless drops
Microsoft updates
EHR issues
And more…

Monthly Support (what does it include)
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm (Standard)
•Unlimited IT phone & e-mail support
•Web portal to monitor and report on your help-desk tickets
•Instant connection to help view errors and resolve your issues
•TD reports on your support utilization (by request)
•TD purchasing power to help keep hardware costs under competition
•Clients are always welcome to purchase their own hardware and will be responsible for returns if any defects PLUS: 24/7 PC Monitoring on all PC’s -Memory utilization -Hard Drive space -CPU motoring -Microsoft updates -Antivirus updates -Malware updates

Purchasing Hardware at the right price!!
Purchasing is another aspect of a physician offices’ IT /business needs. Using Technical Doctor can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on all your IT related hardware/software purchases verses going to a retail store or popular online sites.
If you would like to make purchases, we have strong affiliation with leading vendors like CDW, DELL, etc and will provide you with free quotes. Technical Doctor’s relationships with these top quality vendors are to ensure reduced pricing.

Placing a Service call
1.Customer Portal
2.TD Desktop icon
4.Phone call
5.Inform a TECH while on site

Systems Down and Outages are taken very seriously at Technical Doctor. We assume the practice is seeing one of our family members or friends.

System down issues are handled in a processed manner. We get a full understanding of the system failure and reverse engineer the technical process and make the appropriate time sensitive decisions.

We have helped bring systems back with non-tech-savvy staff members by talking to them like people, not like techs!

We have helped EHR technicians understand the severity of issues by pointing out the exact problem in a technical manner so they can work directly on a resolution and not spend precious time trying to understand what’s happening!


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