Thursday, June 13, 2013

How an expert helps you with EHR Selection?

Implementing an EHR can be a time consuming and an expensive affair.  It requires you in most cases to devote a full time staff for the implementation process.  Also the selection of the right EHR is critical to maintain practice efficiency, productivity, and its financial stability and also be eligible for Meaningful Use.

Given the above factors, it is a good option to the have a selection / implementation expert by your side to help you decide on the right EHR for your practice and then help you implement, train your staff and provide on-going support.

Below we outline how we at Technical Doctor Inc. provide EHR Consulting to help our clients select the right EHR, implement it with the right hardware and provide post implementation support / training.

EHR Selection:
1.       Technical Doctor has created and revamped the ordinary "workflow" with a more EHR / IT focused workflow.  This workflow measures the tech savviness of the users and their ability to perform documentation within a computer system to ensure patient care, proactive Billing and Meaningful Use measures.   This workflow takes approximately 2 days and a conversation with all staff members.   

2.       Technical Doctor "shops" the practice's work flow against EHR software that would be most suitable for the practice's budget and level of need.   The shopping list is narrowed to 2-3 EHR's that meet the need of the practice's workflow.

3.       Present the prospective EHR solution to the client with Technical Doctor's discovery of the EHR Company and support staff.  The practice will choose the DEMO's they want to see.

4.       We arrange the Demo and the EHR Company has to win the sale by presenting their product. They use the Technical Doctor - Workflow documentation to give the demo based on the exact requirement of the practice.

5.       Selecting the EHR:  We help the practice decide based on several key parameters.
a.       The main parameter is the clinical understanding that's focused to the specialty 
b.      The secondary parameter is the support and technical programmers on staff
c.       Most physicians do focus on price more than the other parameters
d.    The government and hospital incentives also play a huge role on what EHR is available at discount.

6.        We assist in arranging with clearing house, help selecting the interfaces, and faxing solutions that is a best fit for the practice and the EHR selected.

7.       We ensure the practice Sign contracts with all vendors and help them in understanding the contracts.

EHR Implementation:

1.       We help the practice decide what hardware to Purchase and offer them options and discount pricing due to our leverage with providers.
2.       We help setup, install, and configure the EHR and integrate other solutions with it to help build a secure, HIPAA compliant and robust infrastructure.
3.       We manage Installing and configuring computer equipment including workstations, servers, network hubs, PDA and wireless devices, printers and scanning solutions.
We ensure that proper and secure data backup solution is in place for your EHR data to be safe. 

Post Implementation:
1.       Stay with the client during training and assist after the training is completed.
2.       Provide on-going technical support for your computer equipment and communications infrastructure.
3.       We will provide all the up-to-date information on chosen EHR for version upgrades, updates and new releases. Hence no need for you to keep track or waste time with follow ups.

1.       Save time of staff and decision makers:
a.       No need to research and decide on the initial short list of EHR vendors
b.      Ensure hands-on support for training and hand holding

2.       Save money for the Medical Practice:
a.       Help select the right EHR to maintain profitability.
b.      Help select the right EHR to maximize Meaningful Use incentives.
c.       On hardware by leveraging on our long term tie-ups with Vendors.
d.      By providing you a solid and affordable support plans.

3.       Technical Doctor is an agnostic company for the sake of physician's / practices best interest, hence the EHR selection is finally decided by the Medical Practice based on the demos and expert inputs provided by us.

4.       Expert Advice: Technical Doctor attends and continues to interact with all major EHR vendors across conferences, meet-ups, special training sessions etc. During these meetings Technical Doctor gets time to assess each EHR vendor, their product, their support ability, the product and company longevity, and their certifications. This insight translates into expert advice for the Medical Practice in helping them select the EHR. 


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