Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Data Security and Backup Solutions in Health Care

Data security is like exercise: Everyone knows it's good. Few people care enough to do it…
Which is why it is important, to have the right strategy, and the right tools. 

Computers, Keyboards, Mice and Even Hard drives fail. It's a fact of computing life. It's not a question of whether your computer will stop working or even a matter of when. The question is how much it will disrupt your life, your processes, your practice and your patients - and it won't, if you have a backup copy. 

Backing up your data is most indispensable thing you do on your computer. The 2 important considerations one must have when deciding a backup strategy are the backup media and the backup tools.  

Local Backup Media: 

Using CD/DVD’s to store data backups 

Using CD/DVD’s to store data backups is popular. Blank CD/DVD’s are inexpensive, and copying data onto CD/DVD’s is easy. Unfortunately CD/DVD’s, like the floppy disks they've replaced, have a limited shelf life. We don’t recommend this method of data backup for any practice. 

Using tapes to store data backups 

Tape backups are a many times more reliable than DVDss, but tape drives and their associated media are many times more expensive than DVD writers and CD/DVDs. A good tape drive can cost over $1000, and individual tapes for the drive can cost up to $40 each. If one can afford the equipment, however, tape backup is far more reliable and recommended backup method. 

Using external hard drives to store data backups 

External hard disks are cheap compared to tape drive systems. They’re also easy to use as most of them support plug and play use with the computers USB port. And while hard drives do fail, their failure rate is much lower than that of other backup media such as DVD’s. A big factor to why we recommend External Hard Disks as the best Local backup medium is that a single hard disk drive or a maximum of 2 used for backups may well be enough to store your practice data. 

Online Backup in the Cloud: 

An online backup service offers the advantage of securely store your files at off-site server locations, so that your data stays intact and available even if your local disks, CD/DVD’s are corrupted or in a severe case stolen. 

With more and more emphasis on "cloud computing", it only makes sense that one should take advantage of this hot trend in technology for backups.

Factors to consider when choosing an online backup service: 
Does it upload new and changed files immediately? 
Does it allow syncing or sharing of data? 
Can it back up files while you have them open? 
Is there a Web client for restoring? 
Is there a mobile client? 
Does it offer a remote control feature via my mobile phone? 
Can I view my backed up files on an iPad? 
How much will it cost? 
Is it HIPAA Compliant? 


The advantages of Online Backup solutions can be limited due to bandwidth problems. 

Secondly, the method is only as reliable as the company offering the online backup service. 

Thirdly, one should ensure that HIPAA requirements are met by the vendor who is offering the Online Backup Service 

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Ruby said...

Using external hard drives to store backup data is very useful, especially for people who are always on the go. However, the data stored in these devices are still placed at a great risk, as even mobile devices are at risk of damages and/or theft. That is why implementing additional security measures on such devices like password protection can help in improving data security.

@Ruby Badcoe

Mike Bishop7 said...

This was a very interesting read! I'm happy I came across this while reading about Electronic Health Records online because this was a very informative read. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

James Maxwell said...

Data Backup is really good thing. And Online Data Backup is an intelligent thing. Because we have the chance of storing the data in Clouds. Here are some more important factors of Online Data Backup.

Joan Price said...

This is a great article. It's important to back up data, but personally, I will always rely on the cloud. I had just implemented a cloud back up system in August. I am so thankful that I did. My business was hit by Sandy, and if it wasn't for the offsite backup, I would have lost all of my data even if it was on DVDs, hard drives, etc. With the cloud back-up, I was able to set-up a satellite office from home, and salvage my business.

aditi anchan said...

Thanks for the update .The cloud back up system is benefit to enterprises and is the best choice to store business critical sensitive data. It helps to protect against software corruption and theft and natural disasters.

Joel Sivi said...

Online medical data storage solutions offers the advantage of securely store your files at off-site server locations, so that your data stays intact and available even if your local disks, CD/DVD’s are corrupted or in a severe case stolen.

Shreyansh said...

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