Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What is ePrescribing?

ePrescribing(Electronic prescribing ) is the computer-based electronic generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription,in effect automating the prescribing processes. E-prescribing allows a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant to electronically transmit a new prescription or renewal authorization to a community or mail-order pharmacy.

Along the way, the system offers instant access to patient medication history, formulary coverage and decision support, helping you make the best possible medication choice for patients.

ePrescribing is a viable solution to counter shortcomings of the current paper-based prescribing processes that are in large part responsible for these errors

Benefits of ePrescribing:

  1. Improved patient safety and overall quality of care
  2. Reduces phone calls and call-backs to pharmacies.
  3. Eliminates faxes to pharmacies.
  4. Streamlines the refill's requests and authorization processes.
  5. Offers true Provider Mobility
  6. Improves reporting ability
  7. Increases patient compliance.
  8. By checking with healthcare formularies at point-of-care, generic substitutions and generic first-line therapy choices are encouraged thus reducing patient costs.
  9. Increases patient convenience by reducing patient trips to the pharmacy and reducing wait times.
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Anonymous said...

Electronic prescribing or e-prescribing (e-Rx) is the computer-based electronic generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription.

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The operation of a doctor's office must be precise and efficient. Managing patient prescriptions, medical histories, pharmacy information, and other data can slow down the practice and lessen efficiency. A practice must address the medical needs of patients while maintaining records and data; this communion of business management and medicine warrants unique solutions for doctors.
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