Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Type Of Support Do You Need When You Go On An EMR?

A number of EMRs in the market today are loaded with stunning features equipped to help physicians meet their Meaningful Use objectives. However, it is not possible to utilize these features to their maximum potential without adequate EMR support and training that must be provided by your EMR vendor.

EMR Installation Support

To begin with, your EMR provider must undertake the entire installation of your EMR system. In case of a client-server system, a qualified and trained installation team must be sent onsite to set up the software and assist you in going live. The team must ensure that your system is configured to meet the requirements of your practice. It must seamlessly and diligently integrate the EMR in the existing work system without leaving any loose ends or installation glitches that may later bring the practice to a grinding halt until help arrives.

EMR Training Programs

Making the shift to an EMR based practice will require your EMR provider to walk with you every step of the way until and even after you are thoroughly and completely settled in. A good EMR company will offer training programs for users at all levels of the practice to help you and your team effectively accommodate the new technology in your daily work lives.

Onsite and web-based training is important to equip your staff with the necessary skills required to use the EMR in a way that contributes to the practice’s productivity and Meaningful Use objectives. EMR vendors must offer training programs conducted by certified and trained EMR experts. Learning centres, live online and telephonic EMR guidance, and other platforms for EMR assistance must be provided. 

Local and Onsite Technical Support 

Technical EMR support services must be available locally and onsite. Qualified and trained technicians must be assigned and duly deployed to help you with any situation that may arise pertaining to the working of the software, upgrades, customization or any other assistance required.  A single local point of contact must be provided, ideally free of cost, to help you with the required technical support with minimum response time or disruption of practice schedules.
Web-Based Online Support
Most web-based EMR systems offer online technical support and assistance. Client-server EMRs also supplement their onsite support services with online support as a faster and more convenient means of problem resolution and assistance. Additionally, web-based EMR systems provide online training, support services, regular and automatic software updates, usually at no extra cost.
Hardware Support

Your EMR vendor must provide hardware support and technical infrastructure analysis to help you set up your EMR software on a compatible hardware system. You can seek their assistance on computer specifications, internet or broadband options, devices like signature pads, mobile tablet PCs, printers and scanners that help you maximize the efficiency and productivity of the EMR software.
Complaint Management and Grievances
You must ensure that your EMR vendor has an efficient and responsive customer support and complaint management platform. Grievances must be addressed in the least possible response time with certified help available locally as well as online. The EMR provider must be expected to fix the problem efficiently, without interrupting the work flow and routine of the practice.

While most EMRs sell on features, they lose out on their customer support. It is easy to give in to the incredibly assuring presentations made by EMR vendors, but to ensure the long-term feasibility of an EMR implementation, you will have to look beyond this marketing veil and probe deeper into the EMR company’s service, support and training standards.



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